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Resources for Advanced Neuro & Spinal Surgery Patients

Thank you for choosing Advanced Neuro and Spinal Surgery to participate in your healing process. At Advanced Neuro and Spinal Surgery, your health and wellbeing is our greatest concern. To ensure that you have a positive experience, please take the time to review our office policies.

Your First Visit

We look forward to meeting you and participating in your healing process. Prior to your first visit please review the following and complete all necessary form work:

Returning Patients

While we collect all the necessary information at your initial appointment, it is important to always bring your current insurance card(s) with you. Additionally, should your insurance, address, and/or phone number change, it is important that you inform our office staff in order to update our system.

Prescription Refills

For your convenience, we ask that you contact your pharmacy, for any medication refills. In most cases the process is automated and only requires the information contained on the label of your prescription bottle. We recommend contacting them two days prior for medication refill requests. Even if you have no more refills, your pharmacy can contact our office to renew your prescription. If additional information is needed, someone from our office will contact you to discuss your need for additional medication or arrange an office visit to ensure proper treatment.

Due to federal regulations and our office policy, medications will not be prescribed after office hours. Please call during our regular office hours.


If you are having a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room. For all non-emergent issues, please contact our office during our regular hours.

Please call our office at 812-401-7577 with any questions.