Areas of Expertise


Areas of Expertise - Advanced Neuro & Spinal Surgery

In the unforeseen event that either you or your loved one needs immediate neurosurgical consultation, Dr. Chou will quickly respond and implement a plan of care during these critical moments. He understands that response and experience are both crucial, when our loved ones are injured

Procedures/Injuries Treated

Evacuation of Subdural Hematoma - A Subdural Hematoma is a type of hematoma, a form of traumatic brain injury. Blood gathers within the outermost meningeal layer, between the dura mater, which adheres to the skull, and the arachnoid mater, which envelops the brain.

Spinal Fractures - A spinal fracture (or vertebral fracture) is a fracture affecting the bones of the spinal column. They can affect the cervical vertebrae (a cervical fracture), or other parts of the column.

Skull Fractures - A skull fracture is a break in one or more of the eight bones that form the cranial portion of the skull, usually occurring as a result of blunt force trauma. If the force of the impact is excessive, the bone may fracture at or near the site of the impact and cause damage to the underlying physical structures contained within the skull such as the membranes, blood vessels, and brain, even in the absence of a fracture.

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